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Re: Osensei's Aiki

Yeah, on one hand it is a fruitless speculation to talk about anyone's Aiki while we ourselves are unable to produce it. On the other hand I sometimes think about Aiki as a kind of an ideal that we strive to achieve even though we know we will most likely never be able to fully achieve it. Sometimes I think about techniques like a shooter thinks about the bull's eye; he aims at it, fires, and even though each time the shot lands somewhere else, his aim still remains the same. In other words, do you think there was a different "bull's eye" at which Osensei "aimed" his Aiki?
I have read lots of articles/blogs/forum posts on the necessity to fill today's aikido with daito ryu aiki or taiji internal power or some other martial skills from various other martial arts... and I was wondering if Aikido had some similar "set of skills" originally that Osensei tuned specifically for the purpose of Aikido, and thus was different from that of the daito ryu schools'.
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