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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

No worries IT all in good fun.... But before we proceed let me ask you a few questions....

What do you know of Misogi? How long have you practiced it? How much time each day do you devote to practice? How many of the few things I have mentioned do you or have you practiced?

You see I am puzzled by folks who expect Aikido to perform miracles for them when they have not put in the work or only practice at the dojo twice a week. Folks want enlightenment but they do not want to sit Zazen...They want Kokyu but they do not practice Misogi or any breathing exercises for that matter. They want to move effortlessly but they never train tenkan They want knowledge but they do not want to study themselves to get it. They want it handed to them.

I have never experianced any shortcuts or simple way to achieve these things Now perhaps Dan or some have some tried and true methods which make the task simpler and easier to achieve Kokyu power and for that I am all ears and eager to take ukemi....

So how about it Mr IT? You say you're frustrated with your practice and your not getting any older

Start with Misogi and we'll talk in 6 months If you don't notice a distinct differance in your efforts at practice Well then... The stinky Puna Purple Haze be on me Brah!

Take Care IT.

William Hazen

I wish the good Reverand Barrish would contribute to this thread on the importance of Misogi to Aikido practice...Hopefully he feels so inclined when he reads this.

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