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Re: Sword work, internal skill, & "Aiki"

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
So, why is everyone so entranced by the demonstration of those parlor tricks that O Sensei deigned not to teach. I do not get the impression that Sagawa or Kimura were much interested in the transmission of showmanship either. Nor am I.
Er, actually, almost no one was "entranced" by what you call "parlor tricks". In fact, everyone seemed to overlook and discount them. And it cost them badly. However, now that a few people are understanding that these "parlor tricks" are actually demonstrations of ki/kokyu skills that are used in the actual martial art, I'm pointing out further that not only are these evidences of skill, but they're evidence that this stuff is bigger than just Aikido and Daito Ryu.
Who are you arguing with? Not me,
You got that right.
Kimura acknowledges that there is a partial revelation of aiki that is only fully developed through further extension from some techniques and eventually through all technique as a process of progressive development that takes"considerable time." Moreover, please note that he assumes the aiki, once partially realized, will progressively be fully realized through the vehicle of technique. The tradition is not so far out on a limb here, I think.
Other than hearing his name here and there, I don't really know of Kimura as a standard-bearer for anything, so I'll demur on extended discussion of his opinions.


Mike Sigman
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