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Re: Sword work, internal skill, & "Aiki"

Erick Mead wrote: View Post
Kimura Sensei, a student of Sagawa in DTR (See Dan's tagline) was reported in an interview in Aikido Journal to have said that "when a person first has some inspiration about aiki, it still takes a considerable amount of time until one can execute aiki in all techniques. However, the difference lies in the performance of all techniques. [Kimura said]: 'The difference appears later since the way of progress is very different with aiki than without aiki.' "
Kimura is correct and that's the warning that is paramount.... doing techniques without ki/kokyu skills is actually very different from doing them with those skills, even though many people can't see the difference visually because the manipulation of force vectors within your body can't be seen (it's why the Chinese refer to ki-strength as "the concealed strength").

Norinaga's comments, in comparison, are mundane.


Mike Sigman
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