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Re: Testing for Shodan

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Hope this helps, first stick to your basic tech's anything extra will come automatically concentrate on FORM!, good form shows good clean tech and control.(advice: start jogging 1 1/2 x3 per week to give u stamina, re: lost of stamina during the exam will show u getting sloppy and thats not good.) Tanto - dori, concentrate on the tanto, not the attacker so much, if the tanto is controlled the attacker is controlled and this is what u must show. In short with stamina all of your exam will show great form and control, so make time from now til 2/10 for ROAD/RUNNING WORK. You will do well, good luck,remember start jogging on a tread mill preffered its better for your knees ok.
I'm scheduled for my shodan exam in the May'ish time frame. I've been running on the treadmill since mid-November and still need a lot of work on my wind and general conditioning. I'm doing 3 miles 4 days a week and 60 flights of stairs at work on non-running days.. The stairs really help a TON.

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