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Re: Are we really doing O'Senseis Aikido?

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Not my meaning. I meant the stuff where he waved at them and they fell down. It stands to reason he retained some power in his old age. Takeda was in his 70's when he did that angry demo at the budokan. Sagawa did a limited freestyle exchange with two olympic judo guys. There are plenty of guys in the Chinese arts that can deliver power in their old age.
I have no interest in arm waving no touch stuff though, it discredits everything good.
Just say'n
I can't argue with that, but I give the old guy a pass. Who knows what his motivations were, maybe in his mind it was all the same? Maybe he was just having fun at everyones expense? He can still be seen flexing his "muscle" in even his final two recordings so he obviously didn't think it was all purple smoke.
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