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Re: When Should You Turn Your Face Away When Being Pinned....?

On thing I have noticed over the years is that you someone can only turn in the direction their head is facing. If you try to do the opposite then your spine will be twisted in two direction and you simply don't work that way.

It may be proper etiquette in aikido to "yield" to your nage at some point on the continuum/spectrum of the "take down" and the "pin" (depending on where/win you "agree" that it occurs). However, which ever direction you face your head, is the direction you can head in!

For most "takedowns" such as ikkyo, if you turn your head outward, then you can no longer escape since you reallly need to turn inward in order to reverse the action of nage.

I will only turn my head outward if I am being polite or it is very obvious that nage has such a decent pin that I cannot escape. Even then, I will sometimes turn my head back in, when I am very low to the ground, start moving my hips through and off balance nage for a reversal. Especially if nage is forward weighted on my arm or not exercising tactical awareness...which I find happens alot in aikido as we tend to "believe" that the "fight" is over WAY before it might actually be over because of "Aikido training affects".

This become abundantly clear to me from grappling/BJJ which operates on a much tighter and smaller basis.

So, I think that while turning your head out may protect your face, it is also a huge sign for me that the uke is done and can no longer...or is not willing to fight me any longer for most face down pins such as we see in ikkyo.

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