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Re: Baseline skillset

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hey Dan:

That is completely your choice, and I understand your position. My post wasn't specifically directed at you. I was just trying to suggest a more productive way that Mike S.--or anyone--might have carried on the dialogue at that point.

Thanks for responding.


Hi again Tom

We were just talking about this in the dojo the other day. It really does get weird here doesn't it. Over the years I most certainly have talked about things;both some of the ways to do certain things and some times the results and given descriptions. It's pointless to describe actual details that even folks who come and train here have difficulty with one-on-one. I can talk about lets say, central pivot all the day long. So what! I have yet to meet guys who can do it well after several trips here. I have discussed breath-power, I even have given some descriptions explaining --why- an internal mechanic works several times. Rob quotes one somewhere, that incorporates some of the attributes above; spine, connection through upper center, central pivot, etc. And thats the easier stuff. So why write it and have folks tell me "we do that too" when they turn out to "not have a clue."
I guess my point is David is wrong when he says Mike, Rob and I haven't made any attempt at describing things. Yes I tell people they don't get it. But there are ways to tell folks they don't get it, while being civil and respectful. If you want to. It's a difficult position to be in, because we are right. Period. But it sure is more pleasant knowing you're right anyway, and then choosing to be nice. Blunts OK too. But why not nice? I don't like making enemies, I'd rather make friends. Everyone who comes here-and this is written by every, single visitor- has enjoyed themselves and laughed through all the strain.
So why put up with all the noise here,
when its so much fun................ here.

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