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Re: Violence is Golden

Don't mistake observation from participation. Moral people don't need laws; they just do the right thing because it IS the right thing.....I work at that. For the rest.....yes, there are laws, and if you break them, governments at all levels from local to national will take away your conditional freedom and/or kill you. America (the land of the fee......errrr, free) has the highest prison population per capita in the world or so it is reported. Your utopia seems to be farther away each day based on what i have seen. As a combat veteran i have seen firsthand what people do to each other. I also live in circumstances in which constant real threats exist. Obviously i agree with and endeavor to practice, what O Sensei tried to pass on, and the founder of the style i practice continues to teach, and i try to instill that in my students as well.
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