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Re: Re: Irimi-nage on Taller Ukes

George S. Ledyard wrote:
The answer for this is the same as for virtually all Aikido techniques, you need to bring the uke down to you on the entry. Most people make the mistake of trying to go up to the attacker.
Gotta agree with Ledyard Sensei again.

As that 6'4" uke, with a 5' tall Sensei, I noticed he consistently gets me low on the irimi-tenkan enter and blend. Almost knuckle-draws me.

Create a flowing wave motion by going low first to get me at your level and break my balance. This creates the desire to stand back up, so you follow my momentum over and back. Don't let me stand up again.

Make sure you capture my head, even torque my neck a little.

Think more of the principles rather than just the mechanical technique.

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