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Re: I think I'm feeling burnout or worse. I am seriously considering walking away.

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Sensei, I am in no position to argue with you. I know that you know better than I do, but I train under an instructor who trained under Chiba Sensei and I have never seen him hurt anyone. I have also trained with several other instructors and the same applies.
You wouldn't be arguing with me. I'm the guy who also wrote this.

Lets, also remember that he (Chiba) ended up apologizing to all of his students for being an abuser. I teach at a dojo that is under Chiba and the teacher there (retired spec ops) is no lightwieght by any ones standards, and is a perfect.... gentleman on and off the mat. Maybe someone allowed Chiba an opportunity for growth.
From some of the recent quotes I am hearing, it sounds like it is coming from a changed man.

.......Do not allow them the arrogance (presumed or otherwise) of a position to speak for an entire art. There are a lot of good people out there working it.
Unfortunately, you are reading here of peoples own experiences with teachers out there who continue to support the negatvie general's probably not wise to tell each one that a) they don't know what they're talking about b) they don't know the difference between hard training an abuse.

I am not saying that the training has to be mean, but it should be serious.
What is "serious" about cooperative training where you strike with a shomen of all things...and get cold cocked in the face?
What is serious about seeing a 157lb 1st kyu offer his elbow for a demonstration of a kata and has it wrecked for almost a year?
What is "serious" about having one shoulder....then the other torn out from cooperative training?

What is serious me... is when both parties are equally capable and are sparring with attacks and counters and both are fully engaged.

There are various teachers who I hear advocating this so called "seriousness in training" but I never seem to see or hear of them doing that kind of serious training with men who are capable...and more than willing to show them what serious can do.

Again to use Randy and Rickson; they have managed careers without a lot of serious injuries...I would like to be there when someone tells them they are not serious and they just don't get what serious training really means!

Last you brought up Ueshiba
I am only aware of reports of training accidents in randori not of repetitive accidents in doing kata. Nor am I aware of a pattern of creating teachers under him who abuse.

I have heard these defensive arguments before...even from those who were damaged. As I said, they find it validating for their injuries.
Why are you defending behavior that Chiba himself has publicly apologize for and walked away from?
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