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Re: Aikido™ and Aiki…do. Where are we at?

Hi Jennifer, count me "eventually" in. I'm not ready yet, but my family and I love to travel on vacation. I have to stay focused here for a while longer, but I'll be up for many away games as soon as I have something I can reliably deliver without needing Dan or his students to get me out of my own way for some start up time.

Also, to correct something I misrepresented earlier - I spoke of in yo ho and I thought of that concept too much using my denotation ideas - just thinking of them a "opposite directions" (and I mis-applyed that concept to "intention" in multiple opposite directions). Apparently, there is a connotation to that concept that is really is meant to describe a "breath" method. (As I straighten out my mis-understandings I'll try to clean up the mess I left behind.)

I strongly believe that many paths begin to approach the same place but few will really get you there because of inherent misunderstandings about the approach which gets in the way. But this brings to light 2 truths (to me anyway):
1) all paths do NOT go to the same place,
2) many, many people on the path of aikido WANT to be going where I want to go -at least initially - (and as an aikidoka I think I can relate to THAT in like-minded aikidoka who also happen to LOVE aikido like I do and so I feel I can help bridge a few gaps)

Bottom lines - Direct aiki training is coming to aikido-proper sooner than later. I'll help as much as I can becuase frankly its the right thing to do for aikido.


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