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Re: Off and On

From our many conversations, and from what I have had the privilege to read of your philosophy, I must say that in principal, I do agree with you Sensei. Aikido is from the mat. It is a marshal art that, as I understand it, was developed with the intention of finding ways to end conflict.
One can want peace, and one can do many things to change the world so that it will become less violent. One can change the way they live, and by their actions, a peaceful way might infect others, and so on and so on. And, I hope that is what will happen over and over again in this world. But I understand what you mean when you say we must recognize that we must confront confrontation, in order to learn how to get beyond confrontation.
Aikido, by its very essence, is of the mat. And, I believe, as you so creatively state, each hour on the mat shows us how, as we carry on beyond the mat, we can conduct a more just and right life that will grow into a world with less violence. But we can never become so complacent as to think we can progressively practice and expand the principals of Aikido without going back to the mat to relive and relearn, the basics and the fundamentals of how violence and conflict can be transcended, so as to end the conflict.

Once, again, your creative way of presenting the practice and philosophy of Aikido is appreciated.


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