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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

I think Salim raises and interesting point, one that has been often included in other threads, adding BJJ or Kali or Systema or similar style to the art is a natural progression here in the states...especially with the growth of MMA.

From an outsiders point of view, I am a surprised by the number dojos that offer, yoga, systema, judo, or tai chi as part of their curriculum...maybe thats a business decision...meeting the demand of the consumer or perhaps its the circular evolution of the art...getting back to its martial roots. It has been discussed in this forum repeatedly that many of the Aikido founders had years training other styles prior to beginning Aikido...someone here mentioned Aikido as a kind of finishing school, I agree with that assumption...studying Aikido solely on its own merits, the only art one has practiced may be doing the practioner a diservice. Please note that I am not inferring in any way that Aikido is or is not effective on its own. This is certainly not an altruism...just a perspective. It seems to me that there are many complimentary martial styles that enhance one's martial experience.

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