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Re: Kata V Waza

Peter Rehse (PeterR) wrote:
*snip*. Schools which base their training on precise kata have by nature, less of these injuries. Schools which have randori as an outlet often avoid the rampant egos which can lead to abuse and injuries.
Having cross-trained a bit over a spectrum of aikido styles (and I recommend that to everyone for perspective) I have to say that I tend to enjoy those with more "interactivity".

I also find the practicioners more realistic, effective, and softer. And yeah, jiyuwaza or randori will keep a rampant ego in check.

It wasn't so much in my curriculum, but my fave instructor was a judo guy so it sort of naturally worked its way into my training.

I found it very helpful and, with an experienced and well-intentioned practicioner, very educational. And darn fun!


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