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don't confuse us any more. most people posting here seem to be novices, people in the first period of their training.

do other martial arts train differently? Yes.

are they effective? Yes.

are they aikido? No.

is their stated purpose to reach as many people as possible (the world) and be available to old men, women, children, sick and disabled people? I think not.

Aikido can offer that as well. It's not solely a martial art, it's also something more, a training in cooperation, connection and compassion.

as well, it is a martial art. And it contains Kata practice that must be transcended, it contains freestyle practice that will teach application of principles learned in Kata.

can it be improved with modern ideas? I would assume so, why not?

But think of the people who have been able to find in Aikido a practice that has been of value, that has in many cases saved their lives, and given meaning to lives thought lost. Even at ages where by all "modern" concepts you should be relegated to the sidelines to watch.

And go , test and feel the tecnique of those who have spent their lives training in it. You should be able to tell if its all crap no?
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