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Re: The Consequences of Fighting

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A few things happened afterwards that really put everything into a different light.

1) Jim's hand got very infected, which is common for wounds cause by someones mouth. Its a very dirty place.

2) The homeless man went into a coma in the hospital and had to be put on life support. (He's currently not expected to live)

3) Jim has to deal with two very scary possibilities. The homeless man had hepatitis and HIV. So now Jim has to get testing done to determine if he was infected with either.

In asking myself what if I was in Jim's place, what would I have done. Well we don't know how the origination of the confrontation started. But I could say I never would have gotten into the starting confrontation. Would I have run like Jim if I was in his place? definitely. Would I have hit the guy like Jim did? I don't believe anyone can truly predict how they would react, but I hope all my years on training would have ended the situation without the possibility of killing someone even if it was not intentional. I think the moral of this experiences is, fighting no matter the reason will have consequences. SO DON'T FIGHT!

Any other perspectives would be appreciated,
It has been recently emphasized that in a real situation your best option is an armlock:

That's sound advice by guys who have been there.

ps unfortunately the armlock positions are all positions whence also a kotegaeshi may flow out of your hands naturally, particularly if uke escapes your armlocking attempts because odds that you end up precisely with his wrist in your hands are significant (there is a reason why at least 2 persons said in that thread that armlock is your first choice and kotegaeshi the second one).
However, the consequences of a succesful kotegaeshi on concrete or in a bar may be devastating.

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