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Re: how long does it take aikido to work?

Josh Dalton wrote: View Post
i was just wondering how long it takes aikido to work because when i tried to perform an aikido technique on my dad he resisted and did not work.

so i was just wondering how long it takes aikido to work in real self defence situation.
There's a LOT of magic in Aikido. I don't mean magical forces. I mean the kind that Penn and Teller do. If your dad is in a position to resist effectively, then it means you failed to apply fundamentals when you performed. You probably made critical mistakes even before your father resisted.

Aikido works, but only if you do it right, and that can take time depending on a lot of things including the quality of your instruction, the quality of the attention you pay to the instruction, the frequency and dedication of your training schedule, the ability to take ukemi when attacking your sempai in training so that you can feel what it's supposed to be like on the other end of the technique. All those things make a difference, and some people are also just gifted with the knack and will "get it" with less exposure.

A lot of martial arts training has devolved into teaching "moves" or "systems" which are really just related collections of "moves." Even if you know how to correctly execute one or several Aikido techniques, it doesn't mean you can "do" Aikido. I can do that. I could probably even teach you to do that, but I am a 6th kyu student, and I know I couldn't really teach you to "do" Aikido. After almost a year now of consistently training for three hours a week, I would say I can "do" Aikido on my good days. The Dan ranks at my dojo, who are both very powerful and gentle Aikido veterans of ten or fifteen or twenty years, "do" Aikido almost every day, but any of them will tell anyone they are still learning.

People who've been dong it for 15-20 years must be getting something pretty valuable out of it, and so I suggest that's also the case for people who've been doing it for one year. It's much less certain how long it will take for any giver person to have their first Aikido experience that "clicks" and makes them realize why people do that.

Enough about "when" Aikido will work: I think you should stop watching the clock/calendar and focus all of your attention intensely on "how" Aikido will work. If you do not, then the answer to "when" is "never."
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