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Re: Tanden Usage in Aikido - re Tetsutaka Sugawara

Well, one other point. I remember Sugawara when he was pure Iwama Style, back in the seventies. I'm told he's utterly transformed himself, through TSKSR and his other studies.
Given this new interest in internal strength development, Sugawara may be worth a visit, rather than just a youtube perusal, by folks in aikido who are working to learn this - to see how Sugawara has progressed in his own studies and what he has to offer you.

I've not seen him in well over thirty years, and I don't know what he's done with his aikido.
I can say that, even though he has politically severed himself from the mainline of TSKSR, he is truly brilliant in the art - and senior members of the mainline have told me so.

Ellis Amdur

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