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Re: Tanden Usage in Aikido - re Tetsutaka Sugawara

I was just going over his book "Aikido and Chinese Martial Arts, Vol1" the other night. Some interesting stuff in there. Of particular note is that the book was written in 1995 or so and made many of the same observations about Aikido practice as we have seen in the last few years on AW.

There's also a portion in a chapter written by Lijuan Xing on the Chinese arts where he states that (paraphrasing) after about 6 years of training, the author plateaued in his Kung Fu training, and it was only after beginning rigorous 'strength training' for several hours every day that he was able to begin to understand the true nature of Kung Fu. When I first read that, in 97 or so, it seemed like an odd statement. I now wonder if "strength training" was very poorly translated and really meant something along the lines of tanren or bodySKILL training.

Some videos of the author here.

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