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Re: Realistic Training Part One: The OODA Loop

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This gets right to the point of contention in some of the other threads about resisting someone when they are in a different mode of practice (or teaching for that matter). That one can successfully resist / overcome one's partner is not necessarily an indication of skill -- it is an indication that one is able to process through this cycle in such a way to anticipate or counter the other's movements. But if the partners have different motives, i.e., if one is trying to show or study something in particular and not trying to defeat the other, then for the other to claim "ha! I have defeated you!" is a statement coming from ignorance of half of the interaction.
True...However this issue is an ethical one between Uke, Nage and the Sensei when it concerns motives...If your motive with practice is better yourself and your Dojo mates... This issue is moot. If your motives are the ones you suggested and they crop up in a practice session then hopefully the Sensei and your partner will help you correct this training defect. As Shoji Nishio once said the goal is "sincere heart through austere practice."

William Hazen
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