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Re: Realistic Training Part One: The OODA Loop


How familiar are you with what we are currently doing within the Modern Army Combatives Program (MAC-P)?

Many, even in the program, don't really get what we are doing and the methodology that Matt Larsen is preaching.

It follows along much of the same pattern as written above, and most would say has a higher affinity for the way MMA guys are training today. My experiences with it and MMA follow the model you present.

I'd be interested in hearing your opinions and observations on this for sure! Specifically where in what areas you feel are not being adequately addressed.

I imagine it has to do with the sole focus on Ring/Cage fighting that many take.

This link is an interview with Matt and I think shows a the perspective that we take with our training, (which BTW is based much on BJJ for those that don't know it) I think it demostrates the proper context for training for realism.

good stuff. Thanks.

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