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Re: Realistic Training Part One: The OODA Loop

Wow, thanks for posting that! It sounds.. very sound. I think the author, Col. Boyd, and the Systema people really are onto something. And I think ukes in aikido dojos can "suggest" to their nages what unconventional attacks may be coming to mind during the course of a slowly-practiced technique-- for instance if the attack is katatedori, that does not mean the uke does not intend to subsequently punch or kick, even as the course of a long technique evolves. In other words, I think we can at least START to take the article's suggestions to heart quite easily in our practice, without changing anything.
Also though, one thing I have recently been thinking about is in direct opposition to what is stated in the article. I agree that timing is a skill that needs to be practiced, and I agree that fast-speed sparring is a "deceptive teacher."
However, I have come to wonder if there is a way that we can train our ability to process sensory information on a faster timescale. Slow training probably does not increase this.. although if you focus on the "observing" phase of the OODA loop in slow practice, maybe it could help. But really, I feel like for me there are 2 timescales any of my behaviors can operate at: slow enough to monitor what I am seeing and make decisions about the next actions, and so fast that I cannot make fresh decisions, rather I must go through a series of actions I have pre-decided on. I think some such way to improve the speed of your ability to observe, orient and decide might be the ideal complement to the practice recommended in the article.
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