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Re: Instr. in Tokyo throws people w/ Pinky

Mathew McDowell wrote:
I do not know how to explain myself here, my understanding of hands on is "understood", within myself in our own dojo. I feel the power of the pinky regularly. Its sounds to me as if you are putting out challenges to the aikido world. Or my sensei is better than yours type deal.The shadow training terminology is not just applied to technique but principles too. However dont get me wrong, It sounds as if you have a great place to train. And you should continue to train under such a skilled instructor. Is your Aikido journey about becoming the next MMA champ? Is your instructor a cross training engineer?What are your goals? I am curious not being assertive. So with all due respect. And yes I would love to come to your dojo as a larger type westerner, as a guest, not as a challanger ! I think that is "the way" dont you?
Nope it's not a challenge,Nor is it the "my teacher is better than yours".
Just an offer to feel something which you may have not felt before
About your questions, No to being an MMA champ, although I am experimenting with it in that context and hope to be able to test it in the ring a some point. No and Yes to him being a cross training engineer. He's kinda unique. He doesn't care abou style, and makes his stuff work for any context (pretty bold statement, I know, its not a boast, just the way he approaches things).
Goals? That's better served in a PM discussion. But I do have my own goals and they're not relegated to the "enter the ring and win" short term deal (tho I'm not saying that' not included)

Seriously tho, I meant it as a friendly offer, drop by sometime.
Ark's a friendly guy and we can all grab a couple of rounds after class(where the real training happens lol)
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