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Re: The Girl with the Face of the Moon - a Novel

Ellis Amdur wrote: View Post
I'm really happy to announce the publication of my first novel, entitled THE GIRL WITH THE FACE OF THE MOON. There is a full author's description of the book on the link.

AND for my friends who are practitioners of martial arts, there are a number of combat scenes and you will read, threaded throughout, koryu techniques and even esoteric training that you may recognize from your own training or in discussions with me, particularly some with kiaijutsu and with internal strength. It is only published - EPub - through Amazon, but you can read it on your own tablet or computer using the following app -

Seriously, how often can you be transported to a different world--lyric, terrifying and beautiful--all for the price of a cup of coffee?
I got mine, along with CIMARRONIN!

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