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Re: Video definitions, "Aiki" and other terms.

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I don't think fascia works quite this way ... what little contractile force the fascia does contribute perform is very slow and quite modest. The enervation and receptors (pressure, acceleration & relative position, etc) however 'alert' and perhaps participate in 'recruitment' of disparate muscles to become coordinated and share the load thereby minimizing the local effects while contributing to the 'connectedness' we are talking about.

The energy is not carried by the fascia so much as its 'character' is determined used as part of a feedback loop such that musculo-skeletal configurations can be adjusted to accomodate the load. Exactly how this control system operates (the algorithm if you will) is what is being conditioned by all the training. This is oversimplified but I think gets at the gist of it (my sense anyway).
For the function of fascia ( including tendons and ligaments) and transmission of energy through the fascia watch this video,

and this interview of Stephen M. Levin, MD FACS ( Fellow of the American College of Surgeons),

This research by Helene M. Langevin, is about the use of the connective tissue that covers and interconnects with all the parts of the body as a communications network matrix.

"Connective Tissue: A body-wide signaling system.",


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