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Why not? Is it more of 'not now', or 'never ever'?

I just attended Bill Gleason's seminar in Canberra (Australia) last weekend, and he spoke very highly of you when I had a chance to speak to him on the side.

Is there anyone down this corner of the world that you are aware of that has trained with you, or at least that you reckon has decent IS skills to learn from?

Thanks Dan.
I think the Aikido world is beginning to realize what was truly missing in Aikido as O-sensei envisioned it. Someday, it will be spread throughout the Aikido world. So, please be patient. Most Aikidoka in Hawaii still not realize how lucky we are to have Dan coming here consistantly. When we have seminars here with Dan, people came from Japan and the mainland to attend. Why not consider coming over here for a vacation during our seminar time frame. Just a suggestion.
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