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FWIW, there are threads in this forum where people have explained some of Dan's exercises in good detail and this was while he was still a participating member here. It doesn't matter what you provide, some people will always hold out their hand and demand more.
Yes. People have done a good job in the past, and in this thread, describing key aspects of the methodology. But there's still not much value without hands-on. As one of those older threads admonishes:

This particular work needs to be taught in detail, questions answered as a students intuition kicks in, and language to [b]e definitive, both in metaphor and in anatomical detail. . . . We are no longer doing the koryu family style one to one model in small settings in the village where you absorbed it.
So, it took daily immersion over the course of a good part of a lifetime historically to keep the knowledge alive and transferred from one generation to another in Asia. And even with the more progressive teaching models available today, too much gets lost due to mis-interpretation without hands-on to properly tune descriptions of metaphor and anatomical detail to the student, at any given point in time in his/her development. This thread, and its predecessors, provide more than an admirable intellectual entry point. The rest requires bowing in, showing up in person. Y'know: the same way any version of aikido is best transmitted.

Oh, and "here" in my previous post meant "Hawaii", not AikiWeb -- though Mike, as discussed earlier, has been forthcoming on this forum regarding exercises people can try.

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