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Walter Martindale
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Re: Yoshinkan practitioners aggressive in discussion?

Well... I've been at Aikikai schools almost esclusively. Depending on the dojo, the martial aspect gets more or less emphasis. The late Kawahara shihan wasn't a sweetness and light kinda guy, and tolerated flowery stuff very poorly. Izumi (Hiroaki) also deceased included in his classes how to use the knife, as well as how to take it away - how to not lose the pistol, as well as how to take it away - how to throw in such a way that uke is less likely to get back up soon, and how to throw in less harmful ways. What difference I noted between a Yoshinkan dojo and the Aikikai with which I was familiar was the more regimented training at entry levels. However after nidan I couldn't tell the difference by looking at the movements.