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Re: Styles of Aikido - which is right for me?

Philip Zeplin-Frederiksen wrote: View Post
Tom, what in the world are you ranting on about? Exactly how much of this thread have you read, before you decided to make your replies? You are bringing up things that either I have already answered, or have already made clear people misunderstood. And then there's the things I don't even know where you're getting...
I know you haven't read some key points in this thread, since you clearly don't know I already found a dojo. But no, I will not start repeating myself, simply because you write without having read...

And I'm not "defaulting" back to saying "it's an art of peace" - I'm making an observation, that it's ironic that for a group that supposedly puts great emphasis on this, I really really don't see in many of the replies.
I believe you will do yourself and others a huge favour if you forget about aikido and concentrate all your efforts on finishing your artstudy with good grades. There is absolutely no need to waste your own and other peoples time blabbering away on topics where you have no authority whatsoever and start training in an artform that takes both sincerity, courage, devotion and most of all respect for your peers very seriously.. As Tom mention above that is key in budo training.

What your problem is I can only guess, but I do think that the prospect of finishing school soon is putting
a huge pressure on you, so why not spend your energy on finishing school instead of starting out in a new artform which you very clearly have very limited mental acces to- at least for the time being ?

All the best