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Re: Styles of Aikido - which is right for me?

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Well, it's your choice about whether you want to characterize these posts as "hostile". I'm not going to go back and scrutinize the thread, but I think that in some cases, your basis for assessing hostility seems to be that someone (who has experience in aikido that you don't) didn't agree entirely with your take on things, or who said anything that disagreed with your proposed course of action as the best way to go. These are uncomfortable voices, but if you can find a way to listen to them (and defuse your own inclination to characterize them as "attacks"), uncomfortable opinions now will probably save you from some pain and disappointment later on.

(as an aside, I'd be careful about playing the "art of peace" card more than once in a very great while, and that in situations where it's clearly warranted, as it is not here. It's a bad habit whose most likely outcome is layers of self-delusion.)
You seem to be a bit confused here... I continuously said that I have no issues with that giving advice that I do not necessarily agree with. I have continuously pointed out peoples weird misconceptions of what I'm saying, which seem primarily based off of other posters misconceptions, even though I have repeatedly said that their interpretation of what I'm saying is wrong (several times saying things I have never even mentioned).
Rather, it is the tone of posts, that I find hostile, as well as some replies which outright ARE hostile. Examples: "he already said that sort answer is of no use to him. he wants to hear the answers that he likes, and not the right answers. i was wondering if you want some cheese to go with the whine?" I do not see how that could, in any sense of the word, be considered a constructive post.
Another example: In the post I was replying to (which you seem to completely disregard, and again, take my post out of context... why?), I was a "time waster" and if I ended up not doing Aikido "then the aikido world has not missed any thing of significance". I was replied to with "who cares" (to points that were relevant).

In those cases, yes, I find it ironic that in a forum of people, who will post endlessly about the internal benefits of Aikido, and how great it has made them at conflict resolving, I have received in many ways a more hostile "welcoming" than on any other forum. Even more ironic is it, that the people that feel entitled to post these fairly hostile replies, seem to think it's fine doing so, without actually reading the thread and my replies. It's getting tiresome to reply to the same things over and over again, and explain the same things over and over again.