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Cool Re: Styles of Aikido - which is right for me?

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By the way, I just want to add something...

You don't have to enroll in the senshusei program as a white belt. You could always just pop into one of the regular classes. They're just regular training, with different hours available, and you also get access to the same teachers. I think Shioda kancho teaches on friday... and certain other sensei's come by during the week.

Just because you enroll in Yoshinkan, doesn't mean you automatically get put into the most intense course they have. People generally go after they get to sankyo or above (my sensei recommmends ikkyo to shodan as best, since you can get the best amount of learning during that time without too many painful lessons). You can train in the regular class until brown belt and then decide if you want to try out senshusei.

As for the toughness and military styled training that they have... the origins of Aikido is drawn from a war art. Wouldn't it make sense to train your body like a soldier then? Even if the mentality is different, you still need the same discipline and spirit. A sword is only strong if the flame is hot and the metal beaten many times, and it can only become sharp after much polishing. Budo is the same, so don't dismiss the repetitive drilling of techniques; they're there for a reason.
which also means physical fitness (suppleness, explosive power, and anerobic endurance training) and mind training (zazen/shikantaza) are all helpful

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