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Aiki & Kiai

This may not be the correct place to pose this question so I'm sorry if I've chosen the wrong plce...

Please be aware I've only been training in Aikido since March 2011, I am however committed to it and very serious about learning & practising all of it's aspects.

Before finding my 'thing' in Aikido I tried Karate (3 months- turned out not to be my thing) & Judo (4 months- love it, but it's not Aikido and reading about the philosophy behind Aikido drew me from Judo to Aikido)

The philosophical element of my concerns is the origin of my question ...

For the 3 months I was trying the Karate there was the shout of 'Kiai'

As I understand it Kiai is building of energy within and then allowing it to explode out (like a volcano), where Aiki is the harmonised flow of energy (Kiai is linear and Aiki is circular ??? -I don't know, I'm just thinking)

Is there any place within Aikido for the concept of kiai as I understand it, or, is my understanding of kiai incorrect, or is kiai dispelled from practice within Aikido ???
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