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Re: Judo first?

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I'm actually enrolled at the local university Aikido club and have been doing it for a couple weeks. It is a lot of fun. There is also a Judo club that is within a 20min walk from my house headed by Yeiji Inouye, 9th Dan. Unfortunately the class times are offered on the same days, with one exception, there is a friday session in Judo. I think I may try a class or two see how that goes....
There are probably 10,000 university aikido clubs, but someone like Yeiji Inouye, judo 9th dan, a 20 minute walk from your house?

That sounds like the bell of heaven, to me.

In five years under a teacher like that, where could you be?

He can teach you deeply on judo, but also budo.

He might even know a little aikido under a 9th dan judoka's belt.

Now look at five years under the university aikido club.

Where will that take you?

Please make the 10 minute RUN to Inouye's dojo!

You'll have the rest of your life to train in University aikido clubs.

Best to you.


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