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It seems that most high ranking aikidoka, including the founder, had a solid background in Judo. Would most of you recommend Judo training first? Or just jump right in?

Also, it seems that learning Judo takes far less time due to the "aliveness" training. I believe most judoka would say black belt within 3-4 years.
judo's awesome, dangerously fun: I cross-train judo once per week. judo and aikido goes together, IMnHO . the importance is in keeping up momentum of "boiling water" don't let off the "heat" and if you do, get right back on the "saddle."

although, I admire the ne-waza-focus and strong rigors of jiu-jitsu, I prefer judo's stand-up/clinch training to compliment aikido & karate. besides, judo will really improve your utemi (fun high/air falls) that's half of aikido in a dojo.

my take: do as much judo, but train in aikido at least 3 or 4 times per week. too much diversity dilutes your "base" building.

I am from the school of thought that says be well rounded, but hone a martial arts specialty, a base, that trains to save life, as a priority over prize-fighting...the kind of open mindset of hapkido, Shaolin martial ch'an monks, & of late Bruce Lee's.

I also cross-train in "Tomiki" aikido, once a week.

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