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Re: Judo first?

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Judo will give you a no-nonsense clarity about balance, keeping balance and losing balance. There's no pretending about that in judo (except in the rare kata). Judo will give you a detailed awareness of the whole body and techniques for every part of the body from feet to head. It will give you the ability to analyze your own movement and also to see how a teacher is doing his own techniques.

With that kind of foundation, "relearning" habits shouldn't be too torturous. Judo is all about learning adaptability and fluidity of movement. After all, Kano said that aikido was his "ideal" of the martial way. But aikido was a hell of a lot tougher back then (1930).

So I say go ahead and start learning judo. Get a shodan, and then you'll at least know whether you intend to throw and you'll also know whether you're falling down because you have to or because you're "supposed" to.


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