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Re: Working on aiki in traditional aikido class

Josh Phillipson wrote: View Post
Ok, Rob; i've got a question if anyone who is scientifically inclined, other than eric mead) could offer me _any_ kind of real intuitive understanding of this: ; and how it could potentially be helpful in a way of moving your body.
honestly; have no idea how this could ever fit into martial arts. but i think that it does frankly. chasing doun a hunch. aiight.


Virtual work still uses pseudo-vectors and virtual forces and therefore, being more analytic and less concrete, is not as useful or immediately applicable (in my opinion) as the method of moments (hinted at in my digression on the manner of sensing precessions in static mode= sensing the instantaneous moments in the structural chain) Moment seems more intuitive -- though both can be applied. Furitama, as a slight cyclic movement, is an analog to the principle of virtual work for purposes of generating an "echo" to feel structure with.


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