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Re: Working on aiki in traditional aikido class

Rob Liberti wrote: View Post
...t's just that since the entire point of aikiweb is for us to share and to learn from multiple sources
that won't really happen for a variety of reasons
-people don't feel comfortable or feel any inclination to share what they have learned, and what new thing they integrated into the body
-we have no common parlance for high level terms. for instance even to talk about the leg; and the two simple 'western' view of them having the pronation and supination strength groundpaths. And the 'bubbling point' in the foot. is that like the balance of the 2 ground paths and the intent-effort-system?
-people cannot share information due to explicit or implicit proprietary information. what is a thought? it is funny how the body-ideas have been made secret or obfuscated. in some real way you really do have everything you need right here; right now to practice. but it's like trying to crack a lock..
-paraphrasing 'what good is yakking on the internet about it if yo can't do shit'. '..have guys sweating 2 feet in fronta me and they can't do it with me fixing them..' or something like that. (sorry)
-people don't want to look stupid
-it's aikiweb's fault. you people are too damn smart that you f* it up for everyone else. the general level of reader is astounding i have found...have read some really amazing things here. Thank you everybody. anyhoo.. people are too smart here and somma this stuff is ibvious so we can get snippy being told things we already know. so it can be a tough room, if you know what i mean. hard to share sometimes.
-mostly about a lack of common basis for vocab. like in some cma they talk alot about the kua and how to roll on the ball-and socket; ,etc. it seems to outline a view of the body. does aikido have one, preferably without incurring or getting ooga booga chi snuggets involved?
-i think people would share but people don't really know anything. So there's nothing to share (contentwise)? I know it's not really all true so don't get mad. The one-eyed-men who would be king (for it is so written); Dan and Mike, and other old weathered asians(for it is admitted that nobody can know everythying) choose not to discuss explicitly. did you really think you could type about gongfu? Now there is a good word..may I... Dan, Mike, what is gongfu?
-by the way in certain areas above i was trying to be ironic. don't you think?

- I thought a discussion based on that premise would be reasonably sweet.
you fool.

I know a lot of the aikido world is not yet ready for aiki. Yet it's happening anyway, even if we cover our eyes, plug our ears, and yell "LA LA LA LA LA". I was just hoing to try to figure out how to best reintegrate aiki into aikido as a group
do you think average persons can be tought to do and build aiki? (is that an okay thing to say?) What about fatasses? Can you sell a 'pill'... could you, say, just like sit out at work during lunch and do chinkonkishin kicking all the bandas and stuff and come out with such a strenuous internal workout that you're literally sweating out the babaganoush you had for breakfast. oh yeah.

something tells me you'd be doing that anyway.

Ok, Rob; i've got a question if anyone who is scientifically inclined, other than eric mead) could offer me _any_ kind of real intuitive understanding of this: ; and how it could potentially be helpful in a way of moving your body.
honestly; have no idea how this could ever fit into martial arts. but i think that it does frankly. chasing doun a hunch. aiight.

Rob Liberti wrote: View Post
a group regardless of the signal to noise ratio.
just as a point of common nomenclature you could have chosen to have written '..regardless of the SNR.' (or snr, if you prefer to be casual about your nomencature).

see; just wait...noone's gonna talk about it anwya.
goodnight and goodluck
Josh (I really like how Ron signs his posts) Philipson
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