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Brian Vickery
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Jim ashby wrote:
I was reading another thread and someone quoted a statistic of 1% of people interested in Martial Arts, and then the dropout rates etc etc... I'd be interested in any info from you guys around the world.
Have fun.
In 'Aikido in America' and in 'Mastery' George Leonard Sensei states something
about 2% of the people who actually sign up stick around long enough to make
it to shodan. My experience has shown me that that number is actually high, the
1% figure has actually proven true!

The reasons why people quit is as varied as the reasons why people came to
to dojo in the first place ...but the reason for quitting that I hear most often is that
this stuff just flat-out HURTS!!!

...So, how many of the people chatting in here right now will be members of the
1% Club?!?!

Good Luck!

Brian Vickery

"The highest level of technique to achieve is that of having NO technique!"
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