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Post speed

Hi Dave Miller, your supositions are technically correct, the slower the solid and better you learn.

I got a friend striking guy that when I treat him to go with me to aikido clases he says: "again to the submarine world?, no, you go" "this people are just playing, do they train every day this way?

I say: yes, but if you get into the aikido idea you never going to quit.

There is no way aikidokas changes their approach to trainning, this is not going to change.

Aikido sacrifices a decent real approach for the clean beauty looking on technniques.

They are show like people, theatre lovers, and for you succeed there you just have to play and get your acting grade.

So what you got is people wich bodies react instintively correct as told, but beyond that, untested.

And it is supposed (cause they try to insert this in your mind) that when youre really old taking care arterys and bones, you will be good at it.

The problem is not the speed they train, but their spirit confined to the aikido actual way to train they just follow without questioning.

get your scuba,

"All men wants to have truth on their side, but few wants to be on the side of truth"

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