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Re: Golden Center Aikido for your pleasure

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
I agree. It's bordering on the ridiculous that all of us keep being told we don't "understand" what we are seeing and we don't "get" aikido or how "effective" this stuff is....
It is noteworthy that there are no positive comments from anyone we would consider competent. It seems all the ki guys and all the English guys here walked away from this as well.
Who do you consider competent?
Who is your "we"?

Why do you continue to criticize something you don't understand?

I hear Graham say over and over that those videos are not what he does for technique...they are videos of some stuff he was working on after class.

Jun asked us to be respectful of others.

Making fun of Graham and any one else who doesn't do it your way or Henry's way is not respectful.

Dan, you don't train in Aikido. Can you consider that you might not understand what Graham is talking about because you have not put as much time on an Aikido mat as he has?

I am sure you have a good understanding of what you do.

Saying things like "we get and you don't" is a form of bullying.

Forums are for an exchange of ideas.

What you do...what Mike does ...what Henry Ellis does...What George does...What Mark (both Marks) do...what Graham does...what we do...are all different...there are many starfish on the shore...all are beautiful.

Yours may be the strongest and the best and the most effective in your eyes.
There is still room for diversity...that is what make life wonderful.
Thanks for listening.

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