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Keith Larman
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Re: Why don't we practice chokes?


I don't disagree with you depending on the context. With experienced grapplers it is truly tough to get one of those in to place. No doubt about it -- they know better than to leave that open and will work *very* hard to make it nearly impossible for you to get. But if one presented itself I'm sure you'd go for it, yes? Easy way out especially if you're up against a noob. So you train in it, yes? You learn it. You may not get to apply it in certain contexts, especially grappling with an experienced opponent. The bellicose drunk in a bar threatening someone else may not be a grappler or may be so impaired that he leaves that open. Hell, I had a very large friend years ago that I considered doing it to because he had about 5 tequila too many and was getting rather agitated with some other very large fella who wasn't in the mood to fight, but clearly would have been able to handle himself. My friend was just standing there being a total ass-hat and it would have been trivial for me to apply it. But I managed to shove him out the door before anything came of it instead.

In other words not all situations are grappling and it may not be an option in most situations anyway. But if the opportunity arises it is a decisive technique.

But no real argument here. I like to learn as much as possible. Whether I will ever have a chance to use it is pretty much irrelevant to me. I like training and learning. Shrug.

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