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Re: Why don't we practice chokes?

Katherine Derbyshire wrote: View Post
This article is mostly about recovery from the incident, ...

Well, he's talking about some serious cranking on the head (hence neck) stuff here that cause the original tear. I'm not so sure that this sort of cranking is what most are talking about. There are a lot of throws that involve a hand to the chin turning the head, engaging the neck and using that as a lever point in a movement. Or throwing someone from what most could call a sort of "headlock". That can be very hard on the neck especially if being done by inexperienced people. Or done with too much enthusiasm.

But a rear naked choke, for example, doesn't involve a "crank", twist, or anything like that. If anything it is gentle to the vertebrae. From reading the article it sounds like a rather ferocious twist created the initial tear that resulted in the clot formation and problems arose from there. It wasn't the "choke" per se that precipitated the injury that was simply a "timebomb" waiting to go off, it was a severe cranking of the neck in a more grappling context.

Just trying to keep context here. There are forms of training in some arts that can be very hard on the neck, but those generally aren't actually chokes but are more throws and controls.

Just trying to be clear.

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