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Re: Aikido?

Vanessa Lascano wrote:
what makes it diffrent from others and why you like it. Like I said I'm a new so be nice.
IMHO, the good:

- it's hard and the learning curve extremely steep
- you're forced to understand perfectly what your "enemy" is actually trying to do rather than simply try to land a kick or punch; this makes things really interesting...
- scales well with age
- great for fitness of the whole body and to develop body awareness
- above average age (and maturity) of the community compared to other arts (almost no Cobra Kai or Niko wannabees around)

the bad:

- too many styles/mc dojos/self inflated and proclamated sensei around, too many confusing non-martial or advanced concepts flying around for marketing purposes
- too many "mimic me and shutup" sensei around
- not that great for self defence for many years
- many years required to become confident even with basic techniques, this may lead to abandon unless you're really motivated


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