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Re: What paths lead to internal power??

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If you happen to pass, Mark, no pun intended, tell him we missed him at our visit to Clarksburg.
The question is....where you missed by him.

Hey did you hear about the general who criticized Obama? He got canned. Thankfully we don't fall under those same narrow guidelines eh? As I am sure you would agree!
Personally, I am finding it a wonderful change in the budo world to see modern practitioners allowed to go out an experience other peoples skills and encounter things that are just simply quite beyond what they previously knew even existed.
The good new is that after all our fears, most of the good Martial Arts teachers have actually been secure enough to have considered it a good thing, Some of the Shihan have even followed their own students into better martial understanding. Of course you are always going to have those poor insecure souls who think they are all that and will begrudge people their own education that doesn't originate with them or their system. Thankfully it appears that type of insecurity is rare. Everyone else walking into a new day of understanding that everyone who experiences it consideres to be of a superior level.
The modern era of communication, though challenging to some, might actually be a good thing after all. It has led people down paths of real power.

As for the Chi and gas comment ....that was a parody, and a joke about beliefs and misunderstanding and sources, in more ways then one. Perhaps you didn't follow.