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Re: Real attackers attacking again

Jorgen, that's quite a different "problem" in aikido that's been expressed before. Check for some threads on training aikido for self-defense, you'll find that most of the posters agree they would teach aikido in a different manner if self-defense was their only goal from aikido.

(Looks forward to long thread arguing "whither aikido" and "that wouldn't work..")

Pdella, the other thing I'd add to the general mix of "if you 're good, they shouldn't get away" is that someone who's got decent training in aikido isn't some statue who depends on a single technique to work and is stumped if someone dares to do a counter. Aikido people can move and even become the "aggressor" (I apologise to everyone for the "a" word, but you know what I mean). If someone lets go or (even better) steps back, I'll accept what they're doing, follow their movements and do my damnedest to take the little darling down... hem, assuming that that wasn't a perfect time to disengage without harm to either party so being more in accord with aikido philosophy (did I get it right this time?)
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