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Re: Is ki just good physics?

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That might work for demonstrating an idea, but in the heat of the moment (such as during randori) when you have no idea what uke is going to do, having to visualize a technique (cookie cutter or no) will cost you valuable time. Not only that, predetermining what you are going to do in a given situation leaves you in the lurch if uke does something you aren't expecting. It just seems like a lot of extra work that costs you time.

doesn't cost me time as all. actually, it saves me time, since i am always there before my ukes. i don't have problem doing in randori either, and our randori approach is that all ukes will try to swamp you. they aren't going to play fair and doing one-on-one with you. i don't have problem planing ahead, be in the moment, and analyzed past actions.

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