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Re: Is aiki a clash of forces?

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How can you possibly know if I am wrong? I don't care about being right, Lorel. But I don't understand how anyone can possible know what I know having never met me.

I am not sure what a circle jerk is but I know that I do like to discuss things about the Aikido I train in with other people. If that seems wrong to you you could stay off those threads.

A discussion is different from an argument.
Those are good points, Mary.
And they work both ways.
Sometimes there is no right or wrong, just different ways to do things.-Like with aikido.
Sometimes there is right or wrong-like with aiki. Some things are just superior.

I think all of us need to avoid frustrating each other, to the point that regardless of right or wrong, or just being different, we get so turned off that we just don't care. I know one fellow, who whether or not he was the best MA guy in the world I would NEVER train with him. And sadly some of us feel that way about each other now. That just sucks and it's our own loss.
Isn't it more important to respect each other and to make friends than to argue over work that only a very small fraction of the human population even cares exists?

Budo is interesting in that most people who stick with it have to be of a certain type. Most people I have met in person are very nice well balanced individuals with great reserves of tenacity against perpetual testing and failure as we all learn. Luckily, I haven't met anyone in person with great flaming ego's, just those eager to be open and to research. That said, I sometimes cringe at the tone of the posting. Right or wrong, different or not, accepting the possibilities and communicating with openness is a *state of mind* that is more than just words.

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