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Elaine Adams
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Re: fear of ukemi

Hi there,with all the existing replies I guess you will sort yourself out, but just to put my two penneth worth in....

I had trouble "daring" to do ukemi a while back. I was in a catch 22 situation, I had pulled a muscle in my shoulder through falling wrongly, and didn't want to hurt myself again, so would fall wrongly, and so it went on. I was lucky enough to have a great instructor who gave me his valuable time and took me aside to practise on crash mats. The confidence this gave me had me break falling at yellow belt. (Thanks Tony!)

Even now, although my technique isn't even approaching the approach to being even satisfactory, I get compliments at my willingness to fling me little self about!

I love break falling now, it's like flying. Shame you have to hit the mat! Good luck.
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