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Re: Religious Restrictions on Training

Hi Anne,

We are located in the eastern part, where oil was discovered. Refineries built, etc., resulting in population boom. Majority of our members are expatriates, few local males, zero local ladies. We are renting a place downtown, and shares it with aerobics and karate. Although we are located on the 2nd floor, there are big windows all over the place, making it very visible from the outside. The place is exclusively for male only, so is the case for most establishments all over the Kingdom. There are also places that caters exclusively for women but they are mostly beauty shops. Normal mixtures can only be seen in compounds, seldom in public areas.

So if one wishes to spread the art to local ladies, one has to be a lady too. Most local males would not mind the mixture in training but is not generally allowed. Its a little bit complicated but basically male and female are not allowed to talk, etc., in public unless you are related to them. Even in Restaurants they are not allowed to mix unless they are one family.

So if even a short conversation with the opposite sex is not encouraged, what more in aikido training where a lot of touchings are involved.
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